Mobile Image Recognition: the Moodstocks way

We made a presentation at Paris Tech Talks to give an overview of Moodstocks' approach for Mobile Image Recognition including a technical focus on the core library of our SDK.

  • Cédric Deltheil

Image recognition in large image databases, the right way

With the release of the Moodstocks SDK v4.0.0, we introduced a new way to easily handle databases of more than 10.000 images. Here are some insights into the choices that were made to offer the best user experience for such cases.

  • Maxime Brénon
  • Qian JIN
  • Maxime Brénon

Handling partial image recognition with the Moodstocks SDK

A new revision of the Moodstocks SDK introduces a new image recognition mode which ensures that images sharing common parts are not matched until enough discriminant visual elements are found, thus avoiding incorrect image matching results based on logos, labels, etc.

  • Maxime Brénon