Building the Moodstocks Scanner for Google Glass

We built the Moodstocks Scanner for Glass as a handfree extension of the Moodstocks Scanner for Android, to allow you to try the Moodstocks SDK with your own images and settings, on your Glass.

  • Maxime Brénon

Mobile Image Recognition: the Moodstocks way

We made a presentation at Paris Tech Talks to give an overview of Moodstocks' approach for Mobile Image Recognition including a technical focus on the core library of our SDK.

  • Cédric Deltheil

Image recognition in large image databases, the right way

With the release of the Moodstocks SDK v4.0.0, we introduced a new way to easily handle databases of more than 10.000 images. Here are some insights into the choices that were made to offer the best user experience for such cases.

  • Maxime Brénon
  • Qian JIN
  • Maxime Brénon